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+44 (0)1895 420303
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Thank you for your request, we will be in touch as soon as possible

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I am writing to thank you for your attention with us, with our items. Our things came yesterday, the way the truck driver said, all items totalling 29 boxes were duly delivered. The gentlemen who came were excellent, and the service was as good as the service we received from the UK. Even though there were only two men to carry heavy boxes they did everything including taking my couch to the tenth floor via the stairs and quickly. So thank you and your team.

Good work and happy holidays to the whole Pack and Go UK team. Thijs & Gabriela Dec 2014

I thank Pack and Go, for transporting my belongings. They arrived as I sent.
I received the goods on 3rd Dec 2014. Thank you very much Tatiane December 2014

Just a quick email to say thanks very much for last week and to let you know that your guys had to work very hard to get the wardrobe up the stairs. Thanks again and we will certainly come back to you again. Andrew November 2014

Thanks for the excellent service. I managed to clear from the Indian customs today. I would definitely use and recommend Pack & Go service for any time in the future. Vivek November 2014

Two very nice gentlemen came this morning and carefully packed everything. Many thanks. Ruth Oct 2014.

Estou escrevendo para agradecer a atenção conosco, com as nossas particularidades, pela prontidão. As coisas chegaram ontem 5/12 do jeito que o motorista do caminhão falou, todas as 28 caixas sendo que uma contendo 2 volumes o que totaliza as 29 caixas foram devidamente entregues. Uma e/ou caixa foi mexida, mas nada foi retirado.
Os senhores que vieram foram excelentes, de uma presteza quase britânica. Mesmo sendo apenas 2 homens p transportar caixas pesadas eles fizeram tudo direitinho incluindo levar meu sofá até o décimo andar pelas escadas e isso tudo em menos de 2h. Então obrigada a vc e ao seu time.

Bom trabalho e boas festas a vc e a todo time packandgo uk. Thijs & Gabriela Decembre 2014

Venho agradecer a cia Pack and Go,pelo transporte dos meus pertences. Chegaram conforme eu mandei. Me entregaram dia 03/12/2014. Muitissimo obgd Tatiane

We finally got into new apartment and unpacked the boxes. Everything arrived perfectly. We wanted to thank you for your service, we couldn’t be happier. Everything arrives as it left London. It was quite remote location, so we were really impressed that your driver had little problem finding us. We are more than happy for you to quote us on your website testimonials.

Craig and Samia (April 2013)

Thank you to Pack and Go for great service, attention and care. I received my consignment in 48 days in that’s just so quick. Special thanks to my account manager who was always willing to help, and did everything so well, I would recommend this company

Vanderly, Warrant Officer, Adida Militar, Embaixada Brasileira, Londres (March 2013)

I thank the whole team at Pack and Go, everyone has always been very attentive, quick and helpful, took very good care of many things in my last relocation. I also thank the account manager for their help to resolve any problems – Big hug to you all

Flavia Gomes – Wife of Herelho da Silva Gomes, International Goalkeeper for Cruzeiro, PVS Eindven, Tottenham Hotspur and Brazil (February 2013)

Hello, my stuff arrived in Brazil very quickly and exactly as sent. Thank you for the fast service and your efficiency. I'm thinking of sending some more things, so I will call to know which is more or less the expected date of next shipment, so I can organize myself some more and take my time to pack the boxes.

Celly and Marcelo (PackandGo client!)

Hello! I would like to confirm that I have received the boxes. Again thank you for your attention and service for which I was satisfied. A great weekend! Thanks, Regards,

Elves M. M. (PackandGo client!)

Hello, I'm returning only to say that PackandGo! is a firm that will always have my support. Thank you and congratulations for the great work done!

Paul F. M. (PackandGo client!)

Hi! I received my items in Brazil. Thank you! The service was very good. I am very satisfied. Everything arrived OK!
Thanks, Until next time!

Deborah M. (PackandGo client!)

+44 (0)1895 420303

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